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What is Pray Newaygo?

Pray Newaygo is a movement of prayer focused on equipping and unifying our local churches to strategically pray for each person in the Greater Newaygo County Area.

Just imagine….

The Pray Newaygo Team is praying for our churches and pastors. 

Pastors are praying for their church leaders. 

Church leaders praying for their congregation.

Congregants are praying for neighbors in our county, by name, for 30 days…

Where there is much prayer, there is much power!

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Campaign Countdown:

Prayer End

Sat. Mar. 20


Why Should We Do This?


The scriptures teach that there is a clear connection between faithful prayer and Spirit-filled revival. Together we kneel before God in prayer on every joy-filled promise of His Word for the sake of those who don’t yet love and follow Jesus.


History reminds us that Spirit-filled revival nearly always begins when God’s people humble themselves through prayer and fasting. Together we ask God to move powerfully in the hearts of every person in our cities and beyond.


Our cultural moment illuminates the reality that our world is in need of a Spirit-filled awakening. We believe awakening starts with the church and then spreads into the cities and beyond. Together we ask God to awaken His people, so we can glorify God and bless those He has placed around us.


We believe no person is beyond the reach of God’s transforming love. Jesus is willing and able to change a person’s life. Together we ask God to touch hearts, heal the hurting, deliver the oppressed, and to restore each and every person to their God-given destiny.

How Will We Do This?

#1 Engage

Churches register to participate in Pray Newaygo can register their church right here on the Pray Newaygo website.

Congregation members will be able to register under their church and individuals, not currently connected with a church, will also be able to register and participate

#2 Equip

Next, we equip people and churches with simple, Biblical, practical resources designed to help the body of Christ collectively pray for every person, by name, in the Greater Newaygo County Area.

Postcards will be provided to the church for each prayer partner so they can write a personal note to each person they are praying for on their unique list.

Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading

Available Fri. Dec. 18

#3 Encounter

Finally, we encounter God personally and communally as we passionately seek God on our own each day and come together collectively within our churches for special times of prayer and worship on behalf of the Greater Newaygo County Area.

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